The 6th World Conference on Melanoma

This website was create to promote the 2005 The 6th World Conference on Melanoma. The topics covered included: melanoma: surgery, clinical diagnosis, pathology, epidemiology, basic research, dermoscopy, sentinel node biopsy, genetic, vaccine therapy, chemotherapy, immunology, and immunotherapy.
This conference was aimed at surgeons, dermatolgists, and persons working in medical oncology, as well as basic research.

Once the conference was concluded there was no reason for this site to remain live. However, there is no excuse why such information should be lost even if the domain's registration expired. Recently I discovered that the domain was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from archived pages. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website.

Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent.
If you wish, you can view this site strictly for its historical context.


The Canadian Melanoma Society, The University of British Columbia and the BC Cancer Agency combine to support the forthcoming 6th World Congress on Melanoma taking place at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 6th - 10th, 2005.

The congress will be held at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre in the Culturally diverse and lively setting of Vancouver. This was a great choice. Vancouver a bustling west coast seaport in British Columbia, is among Canada most populated and ethnically diverse cities. People come from all over the world to see Vancouver's natural sights and more than 190 parks that range from the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park and Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver – a tranquil garden right in the heart of Chinatown to the Bloedel Conservatory a lush year-round tropical garden with dazzling exotic plants and eye-catching birds. The last time I visited the Bloedel Conservatory a class of high school students was there. All the students were wearing a stylish Batman T shirt of one Batman inspired design or another. I stopped one of the boys who had this amazing sublimated print of a heroic super human looking Batman against a Gotham City background with rain slashing down around him. "what's up with the t-shirts?" I asked. Apparently the teacher wanted an easy visual to keep track of the kids and the students themselves came up with the Batman motif. They discovered a store with a huge selection of Batman shirt styles and the site gave them a discount for the bulk purchase. The variety of Batman t-shirt designs was pretty astounding. They ranged from the super realistic sublimated prints to classic Batman logo shirts, to shirts that had Batman and another character such as his wingman Robin, Superman, the Joker, among others. Needless to say the group of students made my visit to the Bloedel Conservatory very memorable.

Please join us in one of the world's most beautiful cities for what promises to be a major scientific conference along with an exciting social experience.

The Congress will bring together the world’s experts on the prevention, treatment, management and research on one of the most prevalent cancers of modern times. Immunologists, pathologists and epidemiologists will join with the clinicians to present the latest research in melanoma and provide an opportunity to evaluate current understandings of this modern disease.

We look forward to your participation.

Richard Gallagher Chair, Organizing Committee
David McLean Co-Chair, Organizing Committee
Jason Rivers Co-Chair, Organizing Committee


About the Congress

The 6th World Congress on Melanoma will feature training programs for general practitioners, surgeons and dermatologists, and specific symposia on research. Areas covered in the program will include:

  • Skills Update
  • Management guidelines
  • Management (surgical)
  • Management (advanced therapeutics)
  • Basic Biology
  • Recurrent melanoma
  • Epidemiology
  • Prevention
  • Diagnosis
  • Research
  • Melanoma biology
  • Late Breaking Advances


Featured will be poster presentations highlighting current research along with open debates and presentations by experts in the field. We invite interested groups to develop affiliated meetings and consensus conferences.

Congress Secretariat
Venue West Conference Services Ltd.
645 - 375 Water Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 5C6
Tel:  1-604-681-5226
Fax: 1-604-681-2503

Welcome Letter


Message from the Co-Presidents

The World Congress of Melanoma is the major event world-wide among all scientist and physicians dealing with this particular tumor.

Held every four years since the first congress in Venice 1985, this is the meeting point where clinicians and researchers focus on the state of the art in treatment and on new lines of scientific investigation.

Our last meeting in Venice had more than 1,000 attendees including surgeons, pathologists, dermatologists, epidemiologists, oncologists, geneticists, general practitioners and basic researchers along with outstanding experts covering all the issues relating to this disease.

Vancouver, the site of the 6th World Congress, is a modern city on the shores of the Pacific Ocean with spectacular scenery, a natural harbour and majestic mountains. In this special place, the 6th World Congress will surely repeat the success of previous meetings.

The program committee will prepare an innovative and informative program to provide participants with a superior educational experience which will compliment the participants' social involvement and the opportunities to enjoy their stay in this incomparable Canadian city.

Natale Cascinelli & Richard Gallagher
Congress, Co-Presidents





General Information

About the City

Vancouver - The City

Vancouver is a modern city on the shores of the Pacific Ocean with spectacular scenery - a natural harbour, majestic mountains, sandy beaches and a sparkling ocean that set the mood for a relaxed lifestyle. Friendly, outgoing people are ready to greet you with a warm west coast welcome.

The city lies between the mountains to the North and the delta of the mighty Fraser River to the South. There is a distinct cosmopolitan flavour to the city. Western and Eastern cultures, together with the intriguing west coast native culture have found a home in Vancouver. Shop for exquisite carvings, masks and prints. View its unique parks with haunting totem poles, plazas and beautiful buildings that graciously remind us of the city’s heritage.

Enjoy world-class dining from rich French cuisine to sumptuous Chinese cooking. Try the spicy surprises from Indonesia, the smoky morsels of Native Indian cooking and the delicate elegance of Japanese sushi. Seafood is the local delicacy, fresh from the ocean and cooked for you in many imaginative ways.

Downtown Vancouver is exciting for visitors to Gastown, a restored area where the City began; Chinatown, the second largest one in North America; Stanley Park, a magnificent setting of 1000 acres of lush forest surrounded by the sea with its world famous Aquarium; Robson Street, a delightful shopping section with a rich European flavour.

Granville Island, with its large market and specialty restaurants; The Vancouver Museum, Art Gallery, The Orpheum, Queen Elizabeth Theatre and the impressive new city library. Visit the University of British Columbia with its unique Museum of Anthropology and Nitobe Gardens, and the Simon Fraser University, designed by Canada’s most prestigious architect.